Duke’s Theatre Presents A Christmas Carol – Review

Duke’s Theatre invited us to a beautiful performance of A Christmas Carol, a timeless Dickension classic with a modern twist.

It was our first festive performance of the season and Dorothy excitedly chose a Christmasy outfit to wear – a green velvet dress with a red coat and shiny black shoes.  She was even more excited when she arrived to find that two of her closest friends were also in attendance and that the theatre had laid out a beautiful spread of cakes, candy canes and chocolate coins – plenty of which found their way in to the children’s pockets….’for later’. 🤣

This was our second visit to Duke’s and the stage was set in their typically whimsical style with windows hanging from the ceiling and a magical looking lantern twinkling in the dark.

Like Robin Hood, the other Duke’s production we were lucky enough to see, the story was told by a talented cast of just seven people.  Despite being small in number, they delivered a massive performance, transporting the audience to the heart of Victorian London.

Duke’s production of A Christmas Carol is not just a play, it’s an experience. From the moment you take your seat, you find yourself fully immersed in the world of Ebenezer Scrooge and the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future.  You’ll feel the chill of the winter air, hear the bustling streets of London, and witness the transformation of a man who learns the true value of love, generosity, and compassion, with a jaunty tune along the way.

While I don’t want to give away too much, I feel I need to tell you that I have never identified with a character more than I did with the Ghost of Christmas Present – so look out for them! Phill said he didn’t feel like he was watching a show, bit that he was part of it and Dorothy’s favourite moments included (but we’re not limited to) being asked to join the Fezziwigs party, the audience reaction to the Ghost of Christmas Future and of course, Tiny Tim’s happy ending.

Somewhere amongst the laughter and tears, the confetti canons and Fezzziwig dances, the imagination and artistry, we rediscover the true meaning of Christmas.

This performance was not only entertaining for adults and children alike, but also wholesome and heartwarming.  The Christmas classic, delivered with sparing modern twists and cheek aching comedy, left us feeling inspired and uplifted, ready to embrace the spirit of the season.

Tickets can be purchased here. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience – go and get your tickets for A Christmas Carol at Duke’s Theatre, Lancaster and get swept away by the magic.

Love Rachel ❤️

PS. Dorothy is 7 and wasn’t too frightened by the ghosty business (I think because it was balanced with so much revelry) but younger children may not like the Ghost of Christmas Future.  It’s quite clear when they’re going to arrive though and so you could make a brief trip to the loo for that part if needed.

📷 Gabi Dawkins

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