How To Make Ghostly Pops

We hardly got any trick or treaters last Halloween.  I’m hoping this year is different otherwise we’ll have a lot of spooky treats to get through 🙂  I made a version of these ghostly pops with Beth when she was a little girl.  This time Dorothy helped me – and by help I mean I made them and she was there.  And by she was there I meatouched/moved/hid/licked all the ‘ingredients’.  And by licked I mean she stole several lollies, bit through the wrapper of one and became a demonic child when the rush of sugar set it.  Well it is Halloween ?.



White fabric

Googly eyes


Glue stick


Ribbon or lace

Something round-ish


  • Draw around your round-ish thing.  I used one of Dottie’s plates.
  • Loosely cut out the shape.  Because my plate was quite small I left about an inch around the edge.
  • Wrap a little wadding around each lolly. 
  • Wrap in a circle of fabric and tie with thread or elastic.
  • Cover the thread with ribbon or lace.
  • Add some googly eyes.

What do you think?  I realised once we had a bowl-full that if you used yellow fabric and blue ribbon, these would make great minions!

Keep checking back for more Halloween ideas ?

Love Rachel ❤️