Pretzel Skeletons

Did you ever read the Funny Bones stories as a child?  I did and I loved them.  I cant look at a skeleton without thinking ‘In a dark dark street, there was a dark dark house’…  These spooky treats remind me of the characters in those stories – skeletons but sweet not scary.  They’d look fantastic on a sweetie platter or a Halloween party table and they’re quite easy to make.

You Will Need

Large white marshmallows

Small white marshmallows

Black candy melts *(you can find them here)

White fudge covered Pretzels (or cover your own in melted white chocolate)

Cocktail stick (or cocktail umbrella like I used!)

Kebab sticks or lolly sticks

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  • Melt a handful of candy melts in a microwave or using a bain-marie – a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water
  • Use a cocktail stick to draw on some eyes, nose and a toothy smile and allow to dry and set
  • Push a mini marshmallow on to the cocktail stick about 5cm / 2 in down
  • Paint a little candy on top and thread a pretzel on top
  • Add a little candy melt on to that and add a second and third pretzel
  • Top with a skull marshmallow
  • Turn the skeleton over and add a little candy melt to the back, just to help hold the pieces in place
  • Allow to set
  • Cut the kebab sticks to your desired length

If you have any skull marshmallows left over, keep hold of them to top a spooky hot chocolate.

Love Rachel 💀

PS. Because I know I’ll get messages asking me about my haunted house plates – they’re from Royal Stafford 😊

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