Ghost Wands

The other day I bought some sweet little pumpkins on sticks and popped them in a vase of dried flowers.  I’m not 100% sure how you’re supposed to use these ‘picks’ but Dorothy clearly felt that my way was incorrect and immediately took them out and started waving them around.  These were not picks but pumpkin wands!

Dorothy’s pumpkin wands inspired these ghost wands which combine some of my favourite things – yarn, magic and a level of cuteness rarely seen in Halloween decorations!

You Will Need

Wool (about 1 small ball for 3 ghosts)

A small book or piece of sturdy card approximately 15cm long

Black felt

Ribbons and trims

Wooden dowel

Cotton thread



  • Think about how thick you’d like your ghosts to be
  • Lay a piece of wool around 15cm long along the page end of the book
  • Wrap wool around the book/card until you have your
  • Tie the top with cotton thread
  • Slide the wool off the book/card and cut along the bottom
  • Now hold the top, the head part and smooth the wool into a nice shape
  • Once you’re happy with the shape, tie another piece of thread around the ‘neck’
  • Trim the ends to neaten them up
  • Push a dowel up into the head.  Use a bit of hot glue if you like but it does stay pretty secure without
  • Tie a length of ribbon or lace around the neck
  • Cut small ovals from black felt and stick onto your little ghosty’s face with hot glue

Now you just need to decide on names for your boo-tiful ghost wands.  I made lots of these for children who can’t accept edible treats on Halloween, but Dorothy has different ideas.  She’s decided that the existence of this little haunting of ghosts is a good enough reason to throw a party and give them to guests.  We’ll see which idea gets the green light 🙂

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Love Rachel 👻


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