Woodland Wind Wands

During our recent nature walk, Dorothy and I collected some sticks.  They may not look like much but with a few scraps of ribbon and a little imagination, they can become woodland wands.

When selecting the perfect sticks, you need to look for something about 30cm long – smaller for smaller children.

Check for strength as there’s nothing worse then a broken wand and give preference to those with a comfortable shape to hold.

Apart from sticks, flowers, feathers, bells and even little crystals make wonderful decorations.  Simply tie them on.  There’s no right or wrong way – just go for it.

This is a great craft for children of all ages and they all love running in the wind with their wands.  It’s perfect for quiet days at home, rainy campsites and festival fields.

We went to Timber Festival a couple of weeks after we made these wands and they came along with us.

Love Rachel ❤️

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