Children’s Nature Walk

More than ever now that Dorothy’s started nursery, I cherish our Mondays and Fridays together.

Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with things to do.  When she was littler, we went to lots of groups and clubs.  But now that she’s a ‘big girl’ our schedule isn’t quite so full.

I find that if I don’t plan something, if we just stay at home, I end up doing bits of housework (bits being the operative word) while she plays (destroys the house) and before I know it, the day is gone.

So this week I have lots of nature activities planned and today we went on a nature trail to collect supplies.

This in itself is a great activity.  Dottie drew herself a map (which of course made no sense at all 😂) and we drew up a list of items we needed to find.

She had so much fun ticking things off her list and filling up her little basket, but the most fun was had chatting about her discoveries.

Do you like butter? Holding a buttercup under your chin and if there’s a yellow glow, then the answer is yes.

Spinning Jennies.  The helicopter seeds from sycamores, maples and ash trees are lots of fun to throw up and watch as they flutter down to the ground.

Daisy chains.  I actually don’t remember them being so fiddly to make but I manage and Dorothy always looks at me like a wizard when I do.

Mushrooms.  It doesn’t matter how many times I tell her not to touch, my little girl is obsessed with getting as close to them as possible.  At least she understands that some of them are dangerous – pity that makes her all the more keen on them!

Goose Grass.  Not just funny to stick to your mummy – as you can see they’re great for sticking on walls and making temporary art-work.

It’s incredible how much free fun there is to be had when you’re outdoors.

Love Rachel ❤️

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