Last year when we were camping in Wales, Dorothy and Beth went exploring.  They came back with a little stone, decorated with a rainbow.  Dottie was very taken with it, so much so that the little rainbow rock came home with us.

Despite our best efforts, we never found the artist.  Sadly as it was done with felt tips, the rainbow has now faded but I promised that we’d create our own and last week we finally did!

We used acrylic paint which should withstand a fair amount of bad weather and on the bottom we wrote  #teampalmerrocks.

We’ve hidden rocks in Tenby, Bluestone, Swansea, Preston and Wigan.   We’ll be hiding them up.ans down the country whenever we go to festivals, days out or holidays. Our hope is that people will move them, take photos of them and share online so we can see how far they go.

So keep your eyes peeled for #teampalmerrocks, and if you fancy it, why not decorate your own and join the team 😊

Love Rachel ❤️

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