How To Enjoy January

January is strange.  After months of seasonal foods, music and decorating – culminating in the ultimate celebration at Christmas – alot of us wake up after New Year feeling a bit meh.

Suddenly all those Christmas decorations feel like clutter, the food that last week made you feel blessed now makes you feel guilty and there’s not very much to look forward to.  This year it’s as bad as ever because thanks to uncertainty about future restrictions, it doesn’t feel wise to  put very much in the calendar.

I keep wanting to look far ahead.  I want to make Easter crafts and foods – create pretty blog content to distract from the here and now.  But the 2020-2021 experience has taught me that ‘far ahead’, isn’t always far ahead enough and that investing all of your energy into the far away future means there’s little joy to be found in today.

So what’s good about January?  Well Dorothy will tell you that the main and most important thing about January is her birthday.  I’m sure she’ll be reminding us of this every single day until she turns six 😂.  But if you don’t have a birthday to celebrate, you might like these ideas.


Whenever we take down all the Christmas decorations, our house feels so bare and empty.  So why not embrace the prettiness of January.

I’m not suggesting that you fill up the space left by the Christmas tree with lots of stuff.  That clean and fresh feeling is too lovely to undo just like that, but the odd touch can really lift your spirits.  Think sparkly snowflakes, dried fruits and bunches of those very early Spring flowers – the ones that get to the party early! 

Try some new recipes

If you’ve decided to go on a health kick in the new year, it’s the perfect time to try out new foods.

Health foods needn’t be boring.  Gone are the days when packaged shakes and celery sticks were the main staples of a January diet.  Now we’re all about kefir smoothies, Buddha bowls and plant based dishes.  You might even like to try Vaganuary.

Learn to knit 

Trust me this is a good idea.  Repetitive actions are relaxing, meditative even and if the end result is something warm and pretty that you can wear, then all the better.

Step outside

I know it’s cold but one of the best things about this time of year is being outside.  There’s no such thing as bad weather – just the wrong clothes 😁  A brisk walk in crisp frosty air is a real tonic and because of the shorter days, it’s easier to catch the sunrise or sunset.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, now is a good time to plan ahead and even plant some seeds indoors.  If you haven’t got any outdoor space, why not develop a window box or join a local allotment scheme – depending on how adventurous you’re feeling!

Embrace hygge

When everything around you is uncertain, there’s nothing better than the comfort of a big, snuggly blanket, fluffy slippers and hot chocolate.

Ask your friends for book and movie recommendations and style in for some well-deserved hibernation.

Don’t make resolutions

Make wishes instead.  Resolutions, particularly in such strange times as these, can easily be undone by things outside of our control.

Better to make wishes and manifest the life that you would like – the path there will reveal itself if you keep moving forward.

Whatever you can do to feel better is the right thing to do this January.  Be kind to yourself and don’t feel pressured into making dramatic lifestyle changes or public resolutions.  Let’s just get through it, together.  There will be time for everything else later 😊

Love Rachel ❤️



  1. Love the promise of a new year ahead and the prospects that January can bring. We’ve found we are so much happier if we just get outside in January – Definitely no bad weather, just bad clothes!

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