Cleopatra’s Milk Bath DIY

I was really interested in Egyptology as a child.  I could spend hours reading about ancient tombs, rituals and every day life.  At one point I even taught myself hieroglyphics!  But if you mention Cleopatra to me, it’s this image that springs to mind.

Yes that would be Amanda Barrie in Carry on Cleo!  And she’s enjoying one of Cleopatra’s most infamous beauty treats- the milk bath.

The benefits of bathing in milk may not be as dramatic as the Eqyptian Queen believed but anyone who has tried it will confirm that it does make your skin lovely and soft.

Rather than use fresh milk, my milk baths use dried.   It’s cheaper and you can make up several jars to give away as gifts or store for future use.

Cleopatra reportedly added honey, lavender and rose to her baths.  I’ve omitted the honey but added oats to soothe the skin and himalayan salt to cleanse.

You will need *makes 3 baths

1 cup dried milk

1 cup dried rose petals

25 drops lavender oil

1 cup pink himalayan salt

1/2 cup oats


  • Place 1 cup of pink himalayan salt in a bowl
  • Pop 25 drops of lavender oil onto the salt and mix well
  • Let sit for an hour while the salt dries
  • Now you can either mix it all together or layer the ingredients separately

  • Start with salt, then milk powder, then petals.  Next add some oats and then start with salt again.  Keep going until the jar is full

  • Each jar is one bath.  Simply tip the jar into warm running water and enjoy
  • If you’re concerned about petals getting your plumbing, simply scoop them out before you empty the bath

This is honestly such a soothing, relaxing bath milk.  I’ve made a few batches and Dorothy has already sampled them and proclaims them delicious!

Love Rachel ❤


    1. These particular petals were from our garden. I just hung them inside down for a few days until they dried. You can but dried rose petals online though x

  1. How do you prevent clumping?? I made this as a gift and the ingredients stuck together in the jars

    1. If you’re getting clumping then you must have added too much oil. Try spreading the mixture on a tray and allowing it to air dry, then break up the clumps. I’m sorry it didn’t turn out perfect first time x

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