Sunday Is Pie Day

Banana bread seems to have captured the heart of the nation during lockdown.  But for me pastry has stolen the show.

Making a fruit pie on Sunday has become a new tradition.  The filling varies – a mixture of whatever fruit is in season, in the garden or you know…cheap!

I cook the fruit until soft and either add a little jam or a little sugar and lemon juice and thicken with a pinch of cornflower.

Once cool, I pour into my trusty pie-dish and then the fun begins.  You can make your own pastry of course, but I like the convenience of ready made short crust pastry.

I use cookie cutters and also cut some shapes freehand to create pretty pie crusts.

Here’s a few I made earlier

Have you found yourself baking more this year?  What’s been on the menu?

Love Rachel ❤️

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