Tinkerbell Vodka

Nobody was more surprized than me, by popularity of my Chilli Vodka recipe!  After I posted it on my old blog, it quickly became one of the most shared posts on the website.

People like booze – who knew ? If you enjoyed warming, chilli vodka in the Winter, you might be interested in this sparkly little treat now weather is warming up – Tinkerbell Vodka!

People like booze – who knew!

Named after the little fairy in Peter Pan because it’s sparkly and sweet and the way it tickles your nose as you drink it.

Of all the flavoured vodka I’ve experimented with, and I’ve made a number of flavours over the last few years, this has had the best reception by far!!  I’ve had friends mix it with lemonade or tonic water, use it as an ingredient for cocktails and even sipping it straight like a fine liqueur ? *You know who you are*

However you drink it, it’s very easy to make as there’s no sieving or soaking!

You will need:

A large glass bottle or jar

1/2 litreGood Quality Vodka

10 Lemon Sherbert sweets


  • In a sandwich or freezer bag, place 10 sweets and bash them with a rolling pin until they are broken into tiny pieces – no need to pulverise them into dust.
  • Ensuring your bottle/jar is very clean, pour your crushed sweets inside.
  • Pour over your vodka and seal the bottle.
  • Shake vigorously!

Now it’s just a waiting game – you have to wait until the sweets have completely dissolved.  It doesn’t take long though.  Most of the lumps will have dissolved in a few hours and within a couple of days you’ll have a lovely, syrupy, yellow liquid.

This is where you can add some edible glitter.

I do believe in fairies!

You don’t need very much to get this effect.  The glitter will settle, so you’ll need to give the bottle a shake before you pour.
It’s sweet and sparkly and wrinkles your nose!  I hope you like it.

Love Rachel ❤️

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