Back To School Pencil Biscuits

Pink wafers have always been a favourite in our house.  Even as I was making these pencil biscuits, I had to defend the wafers from my two cheeky girls.  They need no improvement of course but I just had to give this pencil idea a try.

You will need

Pink Wafer biscuits

White chocolate chips or coloured chocolate chips


Chocolate chips


  • Melt your white chocolate
  • Cut one end of each wafer into a point
  • Cut a handful of chocolate chips in half
  • Dip the pointed end into the chocolate and pop a chocolate chip half onto the end of the point
  • Now being careful not to smudge the pointy end, carefully cover the square end in chocolate

  • Decorate with sprinkles
  • Allow to dry completely

Dorothy was over the moon with these and can’t wait to share some with her sister.  Wouldn’t they look great for an arts and crafts party or as a back to school treat.

Love Rachel ❤


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