Strange World – Amazing Places

for as long as I’ve been able to read about the World, I’ve dreamt of travelling

When I was a little girl my Mum (like most Mums in the 90s) went through a phase of buying Readers Digest books.  Looking back they must’ve had a big influence on me – books about alternative healing, crystals and herbs – books about seeds, plants and flowers – books about baking and styling and collecting.  Of all of them, my favourite book was one called Strange World – Amazing Places.

I read that book most nights, hid it under my pillow – it was a book of dreams.  I treated it like a menu in an ‘all you can eat’ restaurant.   My eyes moved greedily around the pages.

it was a book of dreams

I’d start with a warm, spicy stay in Marrakesh.  I’d take in the markets, learn about the cuisine and make friends for life.  From there I’d head back to Europe – sashaying my way from country to country.  First Mont St-Michel, it’s walls steeped with centuries of prayer, then on to the unspoilt beaches of Sicily, the steamy craters of Mount Etna, then finally Germany – Neuschwanstein, the most beautiful fairytale castle in the World.

I’d round it all off by backpacking around Tibet, slowly, gently acclimatising to their way of life – I’d stay as long as I could.  Perhaps tomorrow I’d try the Amazon.

These days I imagine would-be explorers get ideas from Pinterest but I grew up in a time before smart-phones and for as long as I’ve been able to read about the World, I’ve dreamt of travelling.  Life of course had other ideas, but I still feel the draw of the places in that book.  Wanderlust still rages strong!

We’ve been on some adventures together – our little family.  We’ve visited four continents – mountains, swamps, tropics and deserts and I’m very grateful.  We’ve had a break since Dottie was born but that it is about to end as Phill and I (hopefully) tick off something from both of our bucket lists – somewhere I’ve wanted to go since I was a little girl with my nose in a very big book.

Mr P and I are off to Iceland later this year, just the two of, in search of the northern lights.

What’s at the top of your travel bucket list?

Love Rachel ❤️