Felt Roses DIY

Felt roses are very simple to make and once you’ve got the hang of it, you can create dosens and dosens in one evening while you binge watch something on TV.

I used them to make shoe clips here but the posibilities are endless.  Imagine a wreath made from felt roses, a brooch or a hairband.

You will need

Felt in a variety of colours

Sharp scissors

Glue – I use a hot glue gun


  • Cut a circle of felt about one and a half times as wide as you’d like your rose to be
  • Cut a spiral into the circle.  Start thin but then make the spiral a little thicker

  • End the spiral with a circle
  • Wind up the spiral from the outside in

  • When you get to the centre, stick the circle to the spiral

The thicker you cut your spiral, the looser the finished rose will be.  Why not experiment with zig zags and wiggly lines and see what kind of shapes you create.

Love Rachel ❤



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