Super Cute Little Babies Review

*gifted for review*

When Dorothy finished school for Summer, she came home to these babies – these ‘super cute little babies – and she couldn’t contain herself.

Now you know I like more classic toys but having seen her reaction to the Super Cute Little Babies shows on YouTube, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to review their new dolls before they’re even widely available in the shops.

Dorothy loves them because they’re super cute (of course), because they have super powers and because they go on missions to help the environment.  In fact the dolls come with a first mission – to separate and then recycle the packaging.

Our doll is Sisi and she channels the power of air.  No not trumping – though Dots was thrilled when she thought she’d been sent a doll that made bottom burps – Sisi has a wing logo on her T-shirt and apparently likes to fly!  Dorothy says she makes sure that people try not to use their cars too much and don’t light fires when the ground is very dry.  When we went to the park Sisi and Dorothy patrolled the skies to make sure that the pigeons were sharing fairly the bird seed that visitors were throwing.


Super Cute Little Babies have been created to encourage children to feel protective of the environment and learn about being eco- friendly through play.

Remove the mask and reverse the cape, and you have a very funky baby doll, but the magic happens when you feed the doll with their juice cup.  When they have a drink, the logo on the dolls’ tummy lights up and magical sounds play.  The dolls also have a removable mask, shoes, pants, skirt, reversible cape, shoes, a juice cup, comb and hairbrush.

We were a bit disappointed with the cape.  It looks cool but the ties were so short that it was hard to fasten properly and kept falling off.  We also found that the hair scratched quite easily, which is unfortunate given that the toys are supposed to go on missions and my child is a wee bit feral!  Aside from that, this is a great toy!  When we took Sisi To the park, Dorothy was thrilled to show her friends and they were so excited to hear all about her super powers.

I expect these dolls will be very popular at Christmas time – yes I said the C word – and they’re available from Tesco and the Entertainer.

Love Rachel ❤️

The dolls need two AAA batteries and a teeny tiny screwdriver to access them – neither of these are included.

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