Getting it Just Right, With Simba*

Once upon a time, in a house with a pink door, there lived a family of five: Mum, Dad, Beth, Dorothy and their newest addition, a little baby named Thomas. Life was nearly perfect, but there was one nagging issue – Mum and Dad couldn’t sleep.

It wasnt just down to the cluster feeding, the nappy changing and the regular requests for cuddles in the night.  It was their bed covers.  Mum and Dad had tried everything.

On cool nights, Dad would toss and turn and complain that he was chilly, while Mum sweated enough to water the garden, (though she definitely wasn’t perimenopausal – honest).  Baby Thomas regularly made his mark on the duvet in one way or another, despite his parents best efforts and when she would manage to sneak in to her parents bed, Dorothy just kicked the duvet off completely.  And Beth?  Well to be honest at 21, Beth didn’t have any strong opinions about her parents duvet either way, which is quite to be expected.

Anyway, one sunny day, a package arrived on their doorstep – well actually it got chicked in to a neoghbours back garden but that’s another story – it was a Simba Hybrid Duvet. This wasn’t just any duvet; this was a special duvet, crafted with the latest technology that kept you cool, dissipated heat and moisture, and was as easy to wash as a pair of socks. And it was made from recycled materials, ensuring the planet was snug and comfy, too.

That evening, they laid the Simba Hybrid Duvet across the bed – right way around first time, thanks to some thoughtful labelling – and each of the five put it to the test

Mum loved the weight of it.  Dad loved the feel of it.  Beth loved the design of it.  Dorothy loved the rustly sound of it.  Baby Thomas loved snuggling under it with his favourite people.

Like Goldilocks trying the bears’ beds, except this duvet was just right for everyone.

The Simba Hybrid Duvet isn’t a cheap product – prices start at £139 – but the older I get, the more I appreciate the value of a good night’s sleep and the impact it has on my wellbeing.  This is a high quality product, made in a way that’s considerate to the user and the environment.

Simba say that this 10.5 tog is designed for year round use (we’ll get back to you on that) and that it can be washed without a reduction in quality (we’ll get back to you on that too!).  For now, we’re going to look after ours and hope that it serves us for a very long time.

Love Rachel ❤️

*I was given this product for the purposes of a review with the understanding that I would only share our honest opinions – positive or otherwise.
Dorothy understood the purpose of these photos and was happy to take part – although she is a bit annoyed that this duvet doesn’t belong in HER bed. 🤣


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