Felt Rose Shoe Clips

Shoe clips used to be quite popular and they make so much sense to me!  A couple of clips can transform a simple footwear into a really unique and beautiful pair of shoes.

I think they look beautiful on simple peep-toes

..sparkly heels..

..and even brogues..

But Dorothy thinks they look best on her shoes!

The felt roses are easy to make and could be used for so many things – hair clips, brooches or even wreaths to hang up in the house.

You will need




Glue gun or super glue and fabric glue


  • Cut out a circle of felt
  • Cut a spiral shape into the circle, leaving a smaller circle at the centre

  • It works better to cut the felt to be thinner on the outside of the spiral
  • Start to roll the felt spiral from the outside in

  • When you get to the centre, use a little glue to secure the spiral to the small circle base

  • Allow to dry
  • Attach each rose to a clip with glue

Ta da!  One of the best things about shoe clips is that you can wear your favourite shoes with every outfit and simply change the style and colour of your flowers.

Since we seem to be stuck in a never ending cycle of lockdowns and isolation, you could even clip them to your slippers!

Love Rachel ❤️

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