Lapland Reveal

It might seem odd but i know that an awful lot of people will be googling this right now.  Because when most people plan a trip to Lapland, it will be a once on a lifetime experience for their family and they want the magic to start from the very first moment – I know we did.

We travelled with our friends the Hewitts and so our big reveal involved Dorothy (Beth already knew 🤣) and Douglas who are six and Edie who is four.

We were flying from Stanstead and so we told the children we were going to see what their Daddies had been working in in London.  We packed what they must have thought were hefty overnight bags, because it’s cold in London and met up in the hotel restaurant where the incredibly kind Lizzy delivered a special parcel.

!nside was a letter from Father Christmas asking the children to visit him in Lapland and bring a big supply of Christmas cheer.  There were some tickets and snuggly Santa Squad sweatshirts which Edie needed to model straight away!


The next morning, they flew to Lapland clutching their little tickets and all the staff were more than happy to play along.

I have about 372628 more posts to write about our trip including packing lists, top tips and care packages – so keep checking back if you’re looking for tips.

Love Rachel 🎄

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