Easter Bunny Bars

If you want to guarantee that the Easter Bunny will leave you plenty of eggs – leave a little something for the Easter Bunny!

“Ah yes, carrots” I hear you say.

Nooooo, Easter Bunny bars are the thing.  A mixture of white, dark and milk chocolate, topped with a  scattering of mini eggs, it’s the ultimate chocolate bar for the ultimate chocolatiere

You will need:

A large bar of white and milk chocolate – eating chocolate and not the baking sort.

Half a large bar of dark chocolate

100g mini eggs

A silicone cake mould

Olive oil


  • Lightly oil the cake mould
  • Melt the dark chocolate first and add a few drops of olive oil.
  • Next melt the milk chocolate adding a few drops of olive oil
  • Now the white chocolate  – no olive oils is needed.
  • Drizzle the chocolate into the cake mould to create a marble effect.
  • Tap the mould on a work surface to level out the chocolate
  • Scatter with mini eggs and allow to set overnight.  Do not refrigerate
  • Carefully remove from the mould.
  • Either gift as a huge disc or break into shards.
  • I packaged these using some cellophane bags, thin card and a pom pom bunny tail.

Hoppy Easter (I’m sorry I couldn’t help myself – I don’t get out much these days!).

Love Rachel ❤️

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