Easter Fun With Plasticine

#Ad. The promise of a plasticine play date with Mummy was more than enough to see Dorothy through, while I worked from home.

She was so excited to open the packets of colour and make, well, everything!

She started off with poop of course 😳 because shes a little bit feral but the next day she made some little chicks, which are very sweet.

There’s something about the smell of plasticine that takes me right back to my childhood.  And it turns out that a table full of playdough brings the child out of everyone – including teenagers!  Beth seemed to enjoy making cakes for a plasticine picnic as much as Dorothy did!

Plasticine has a very particular texture.  It’s firmer than dough and stickier so you can smooth and shape it like clay.  Unlike dough, you need to warm and kneed the product to soften it which is great for building up strength in little hands. Dorothy enjoyed using the cutting tools and rolling pins and since it isn’t long since she had surgery on her thumb, we welcome any play that encourages her to use her newly straightened digit.

We were grateful to receive several sets to try out, including Uber Tubez which contains 16 chunky sticks of Plasticine.  Colour Max is a box of 24 sticks of plasticine and Fluro features 9 old-school wavy sticks in neon colours.  We also received Tower Blox which has 10 tubs of plasticine and a play mat and Plasticine Toolz which contains a rolling pin, play mat, cutters and tools.  So we had EVERYTHING we could possibly need to make a whole host of Easter models.

If I could change anything about the sets, I’d have them include a container, but apart from that, I think they’re great.  The sets would make lovely Easter gifts and despite looking delicious, don’t have the same sugar come-down as chocolate and sweets!

When did you last play with plasticine?

Love Rachel ❤



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