Egg and Cress Heads

Dorothy is so ready for nursery, but she doesn’t start until after Easter.  So I’m still trying to find little activities to keep her entertained and teach her a little something at the same time.

Say hello to our little friends.

It’s only taken about four days to grow their hair this long.  Dottie loved decorating the shells and took great pride in checking on growth and guarding her googly eyed gang ?

If you’d like to make your own you will need


Cress seeds

Cotton wool valls

Googly eyes

Pens and a glue st


  • The whole activity is fairly self explanatory except for perhaps the beginning.  To create your egg shell head, you need to break a fresh egg using a sharp knife.  I sort of tap the egg with the knife to take off the top in a straight-ish line.
  • Empty out the egg to use for cooking and give the shell a rinse.
  • Decorate the shell with pens and googly eyes.
  • Place in an egg cup and fill the shell with two wet cotton wool balls.
  • Sprinkle seeds into the cotton wool.
  • Leave somewhere light where your creations won’t meet their end via the cat, dog, curtains etc etc and watch as your egg head grows a tremendous Barnet.

Cress is of course edible, so this could be a great introduction to growing food.  Ours will be adorning an egg and cress sandwich tomorrow ? although I will be a bit sad to say goodbye to Sheldon.

Love Rachel ❤️


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