Floral Flavoured Drinks

Some people dislike floral flavours.  Somehow they can’t get past the idea that flowers are only for perfumes and soaps.  But I love them!

Nothing brings a smile to my face more than a dish finished with pastel blossoms or tiny spring flowers sprinkled on top.  One type of floral food that people do seem to be able to get their head round is botanical booze!

Flowerful drinks will go down very well with party guests and make for lovely gifts.  Here are some of my favourites


Where you’re making Elderflower Fizz for grown ups or Elderflower cordial for children, this early Summer treat never disappoints.

Clover Blossoms

Another early Summer treat that makes a delicious pink cordial which tastes alot like honey.


My love of roses is well known and I especially love to preserve their flavour in beautifully perfumed cordials

Flowering Currant (Ribes)

Despite their name, these lovely bushes don’t produce any fruit! They do however have wonderful flavourful flowers that can be used to make a delicious, pink syrup.

Himalayan Balsam

Pesky Himalayan Balsam is doing a number on our waterways and crowding out native plants.  So I reccomend that you do your civic duty and uproot a few plants, taking home the blossoms to make this pretty pink gin 😁

Love Rachel ❤

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