The Joy Of Being Alone

What did you learn about yourself during the upside down year that was 2020?  I learned that I really value time alone.

I think this is something that I’ve known for years but I’ve always felt too guilty about it to prioritise ‘alone time’ above all the other 62925530 demands on my time.

When I say I want to be alone, I don’t mean I want to be on my own in my house – although that is nice.  When I say I want to be alone, I don’t mean I want time without children to spend with my friends – although that is nice.  When I say I want to be alone, I mean I want to be alone, somewhere where as far as the eye can see, the only other living things are trees, plants and the odd bird or squirrel.  I want to be quiet and still and alone.

I don’t just like being alone, I need it.

Finding time to be alone was near impossible last year.   My house was always full and even when I would try and find a quiet place to walk, there were dozens of people taking excercise.  It felt mean too, to be wishing for peace and quiet when so many others were facing loneliness during lockdown.

But an hour of solitude allows me to reset and recharge in a way that no amount of pampering, relaxing or even sleeping could ever do.   And if being recharged allows me to better fulfill all of those 62925530 demands on my time with renewed enthusiasm then there’s no reason to feel guilty about it.

This morning I took an hour to myself and enjoyed being alone in one of my favourite places.  Because next week is half term for Dorothy and Beth, so I want to be refreshed and ready to fill it with adventures.

Did you learn anything about yourself last year?

Love Rachel ❤

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