K’Nex Review

When I’m deciding which gifts to buy for the younger members of our family, I’m always so much more keen when the toy is something that will be enjoyed by adults as much as children.

For me the best Christmases have been those where we’ve gotten down on the floor and reminisced about our own childhood games as we’ve made memories with the kids.  Now I didn’t have K’Nex growing up and so in terms of nostalgia, this massive box of brightly coloured parts did nothing for me, but Mr P was another matter all together.

Gifted for review

I didn’t tell Phill that we were reviewing K’Nex.  The first he knew was when he saw a video on Instagram where Dorothy was unboxing the 700 piece set.  He text me immediately and shared the post – ‘I love K’Nex’!!! It seems to have the same effect on a lot of 30 something year old men as it does on children!

The K’Nex Mega Model Buolding Set makes a great gift for so many reasons.  Firstly I love anything that comes in a neat, easy to wrap box.  Then there’s the packaging – easy to open without help from a grown up and fully recyclable.

once inside the box, the bags of K’Nex just keep coming!  There are of course 700 parts which means you can make multiple smaller structures or a couple of very large ones.  There’s a leaflet that opens out in to one big sheet and provides instructions and ideas for 40 creations.  Dorothy likes to follow instructions and while she found them easy to follow, the bigger projects took a little too long to take shape and so she went rogue and created her own.

K’Nex can be a bit fiddly, especially if you haven’t played with them before.  This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – children benefit from toys and games that help to strengthen their hands and fingers, improving their fine motor skills.  So this is a brilliant toy for children like Dorothy who are working on that.

The small pieces clip together to create 3D constructions – a brilliant way to cultivate an interest on STEM.  There are over 40 suggested projects that can be built with this set.  The pieces are really sturdy and the kind of quality that will last long enough to be passed on.


So far Dorothy has created an awful lot of smaller ‘sculptures’ as she calls them, but has big plans to tackle the ship design with Daddy 😊

You can buy this bumper set of K’Nex for around £50 and it’s a toy that will not only bring joy for years and years, but one that you can add to if your creativity somehow outgrows the 700(!!) pieces.

Love Rachel ❤️

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