Melted Snowman Bark

Everyone loves snowmen, but it’s ever so sad when they melt.  Except of course when they melt into delicious melted snowman bark 😁

I sometimes find it difficult to make cakes and treats with children.  The perfectionist in me always wants to take over!

But this sweet idea is one where even the perfectionists can let go – the messier the better!  Once you’ve melted the chocolate, little ones can manage the rest.

You will need 

white chocolate

Smarties or other chocolate beans

Milk chocolate chips

Matchsticks or similar


  • Create a bain-marie by placing a glass bowl over a pan of boiling water
  • Break up the chocolate and place it in the glass bowl
  • Keep stirring the chocolate until it’s completely melted.  Be careful not to let it burn
  • Line a tray or dish with greaseproof paper and pour over the melted chocolate
  • Place sweets onto the surface to create melted snowmen
  • Allow to harden and dust with lustre powder (optional)
  • Break into chunks

We had intended to give these melted snowmen as gifts but Dorothy has manhandled then so much that we may have to make another batch!

Love Rachel ❤️



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