Mini Toasted Marshmallow Kit

Phill loves camping and in particular he loves campfires, barbecuing and toasting marshmallows.  He suggests camping it at the most unusual times – when it’s already raining, in the depths of winter, when we have 101 other things to do.  I often feel like the spoil sport for saying no.

Over the past year in lockdown, I’ve regretted saying no so often – to camping trips, to having people round, to impromptu weekends away.  I wish I’d said yes more often, (I will in the future) and I wish I could plan a slightly illogic camping trip for our upcoming Anniversary.

Since that’s not going to be possible, I’ve created a tiny piece of campfire magic in a box.

You will need 

A large empty matchbox

A birthday candle and holder

Mini marshmallows

Cocktail sticks

A match

Tissue paper


Coloured or patterned paper

Decorative bits and bobs


  • Cut a piece of paper to fit three sides of the box
  • Stick down using a very small amount of glue
  • Decorate with stamps, jewels, tags – whatever you like

  • Use the candle holder to poke a hole in the middle of the box
  • Line the inside of the box with tissue paper
  • Wrap a handful of mini marshmallows with some tissue paper
  • Place them inside the box along with a candle, candle holder, a match and a little note.  Mines an IOU – I owe you one impromptu camping trip 😊

Love Rachel ❤️

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