Fancy Favour Baskets

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You know I love old stuff.  One of my favourite ever vintage finds was a 1970s-ish, home made Easter basket.  It was made out of a little cardboard box, doilies, pipe cleaners and it was decorated with fabric flowers, ribbon and fluffy chicks.

Sadly I have absolutely no idea where this basket is.  As I haven’t seen it since before we arrived at Rose Cottage, I suspect it was lost in the move.

I can still see the basket in my mind’s eye and I’ve used it as inspiration for these fancy favour baskets.  I’m using them to carry Easter treats for my neices and nephews but they’d be lovely for bridal party favours, baby showers or Mother’s day gifts.

You Will Need

Cardboard cups – I used ice cream cups

Poster paint – I used blue and pink

Pipe cleaners

Paper doilies

Muffin cases

Ribbons and trims

Fabric flowers

*Glue – I used a glue stick and a mini glue gun.  You can find a similar one here


*I didn’t take step by step pictures as I hadn’t intended to post a tutorial

  • First paint your cups and allow them to dry completely
  • Cut the lacy edge off a doily and stick to the outside using a glue stick.  You can arrange the lacy edge lots of different ways until you find a pattern you like
  • Poke two holes at either side of the cup and feed a pipe cleaner through to make a handle
  • Twist each end to secure the pipe cleaner

  • Add ribbons, flowers and any other decorations you’d like.  I used a glue gun to attach the flowers
  • The final step is to turn a muffin case inside out (so that the pretty pattern is visible) and place it inside.  I just feel this is a good idea to make sure that the treats inside aren’t on contact with any glue or paint

Fill your baskets with pretty pastel coloured treats and give to your favourite people.

Love Rachel ❤


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