Spooky Eye Decoration

There’s something really Blue Peter about crafts that use loo rolls.  I’m sure schools aren’t allowed to anymore but I’m the boss in my house and I use loo rolls 😂

These spooky eye decorations are the perfect finishing touch for your Halloween decorations.  Nestle them amongst the bushes in your garden to keep trick or treaters 9n their toes!

You Will Need

Loo rolls

Glow sticks



  • Lightly crease one side of the loo roll, enough so that you can cut some eye shapes
  • Snap a glow stick and place inside the roll
  • Sellotape the glow stick to the inside of the loo roll
  • Position in a bush, flower bed or tape to the inside of a gate

I’m not sure we’ll be able to have trick or treaters this year due to Covid measures being reintroduced.  But I’m hopeful that we can come up with something.  What will you do?

Love Rachel ❤️



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