Today Has Been Rubbish

Today has been rubbish, really rubbish.
I thought I had hEDS somewhat under control.  Pain and instability of course but predictable, manageable even to the point of me trying out new exercise classes to try and strengthen up my muscles again.

But it seems a new problem is never far away and this time it’s my knee.  It’s not dislocated or anything.  It’s a ‘normal person’s’ injury – a sprain!  But there’s a bit of fluid on the joint as a result and it’s making my knee hyperextend against my will.  The knock on effect of course is that my dreaded left hip, my least favourite joint is flared up and now I’m worried it’ll be like dominos with one joint causing an issue for the next.

I’ve cried twice today.  Partly because of the pain and partly because of frustration with the futility of trying to control the uncontrollable.

I’ll keep at it though.  I’ll be back again tomorrow fighting the good fight, rocking a mum-bun and making walking aids look sexy 🤣
Thanks for being here, witnessing me and my challenge.

Love Rachel ❤

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