How To Make A Straw Platter Hat

There aren’t many things that can make grown women, really good friends give each other a sideways look.   But vintage hats have been known to test even the strongest of friendships and when the House of Foxy’s Clare sold her beautiful straw, platter hat to my friend Catriona in front of all the other Foxy models, we all had a case of the green eyed monster!

Not really.  There were a few sulky faces, but when Clare, in true King Solomon fashion said she’d take the hat away from everyone, we all freely admitted that it looked just perfect on Catriona.  I mean it does doesn’t it – look at her ❤

Vintage hats have been known to test even the strongest of friendships.

These hats just don’t come on the market very often.  In fact Catriona’s hat is the only one I’ve ever seen in the flesh.  I knew I didn’t have a chance of finding one for myself so I decided in that moment that I’d make my own.  Or try to anyway!

 I started by taking some quick shots of the original and then I went on the hunt for an old straw hat.

Fancy making one of your own?


A woven straw hat

Different coloured wool

A string embroidery needle

Some small faux flowers

Thin elastic (unless your hat already has some)



  • Carefully cut around the crown of your hat.
  • Slowly trim the depth of the crown until you have a disc that fits into the brim with just a little overlap.

  • Attach some elastic to the brim, enough to fit comfortably under your chin.
  • Glue the disc to the brim with superglue and allow to dry completely
  • Once your base is dry, practice arranging your flowers.  If you’d prefer, you could use wool to embroider flowers but of course this will take much longer.
  • Using green wool, create some stem and leaf shapes.

  • Attach the faux flowers with superglue and allow to dry.

Now I’m not claiming for a second that this is anywhere near as fabulous as an  original.  But since an original isn’t available, I’m pretty pleased with this one!

I’m considering making a Autumnal one with faux leaves and golden shades.  What do you think?

Love Rachel ❤️


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