Leaf Rubbing

Probably one of the simplest nature crafts and one that most people will have enjoyed during their school days. But it’s an inexpensive nature craft that children will enjoy during the summer holidays too.

You will need


Plain paper

A selection of leaves

Black felt pen


  • Choose your leaves, aiming to collect leaves with different shapes and prominent veins
  • Arrange the leaves under the paper with the undersides facing up
  • You can either place them one at a time or all at once.  You need to try and arrange them in pairs so that they look like wings
  • Choose a variety of crayon colours and laying them on their side, rub them across the leaves to reveal the shape
  • Using a black pen, draw a little insect or fairy body in between each pair of leaves
This one is a ‘stink bug’!

If you’re going on holiday, why not take some paper and crayons with you so that your children can make pictures with leaves that they don’t see at home.

love Rachel ❤️

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