Valentine’s Wrapping Paper

I remember when I was a little girl, we used to make loads of junk models at Primary school.  The classic of course is the show man made.out of a loo roll tube.  It’s been many years since schools have been allowed to use toilet rolls but kitchen rolls are just fine.

Dorothy was not keen on doing school activities today.  She was very bouncy and a bit grumpy and sad.  She’s missing school and I think the lack of interaction with other children is really getting to her now.  So this little craft was a welcome distraction and made good use of her stampy mood – I don’t think she would have managed anything Taht required alot of concentration.   Hopefully she’s feeling a bit better tomorrow, but for now, here’s what we did.

You will need

Cardboard tube

Poster paint

Roll of plain paper or a large sheet of paper


  • Fold the tube flat
  • Holding one side folded, push the other fold back on itself to create a live heart shape
  • Place some paint onto a plate
  • Dip the tube in the paint and print onto the paper
  • Let it dry



What do you think?  Dorothy really enjoyed mixing different shades and stamping away.  When the end of the tube got a bit soggy, we just cut it off and carried on.

Love Rachel ❤️

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