Cookies and Milk Bath

What could be more comforting than a warm bath, a glass of milk and a chocolatey cookie?  A warm bath that feels like a glass of milk and a chocolatey cookie!

You know I love a milk bath and my soothing cookies and milk bath really is the perfect treat at the end of long day.

The ‘chocolate chips’ are cacao husk which is actually a waste product from the chocolate industry.  It’s sold very cheaply as tea, is great for flavouring warm milk and smells delicious.

You will need *makes 3 jars

1 cup milk powder

1 cup Brown sugar

3 tablespoons porridge oats

1 cup cacao husk

1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract


  • Add half a teaspoon of vanilla extract to the brown sugar and stir well to combine
  • Spread out the sugar so that it can dry
  • Once dry, layer the ingredients in to your jars – sugar, oats, milk powder and then cacao husks

Cookies and milk baths would make lovely gifts with a pretty label and some ribbon.  To use you simply tip one jar into a warm bath.

Love Rachel ❤

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