Candy Cane Table Setting DIY

When I posted about my ideas for a North Pole breakfast, nothing got more love than my candy cane table setting.  They’re so simple to make and really cheerful, so cheerful in fact, that I think they’d make fantastic place holders for Christmas dinner.

You Will Need

Three candy canes (unopened)


Card and pen



  • Sellotape three candy canes together with one sitting slightly proud of the other two.  This is so that when you place them on the table
  • Cut a piece of card approximately 1in x 2in (2.5cm x 5cm) and write the name on it
  • Place the card on the candy cane setting and use it ti judge the height of the ribbon
  • Cut a piece of ribbon approximately 8in (20 cm) long and tie in a bow around the candy canes

Ta da!  Aren’t they sweet!?

Love Rachel 🎄



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