North Pole Breakfast

First of all, what exactly IS a North Pole breakfast?

I was introduced to the idea about 13 years ago when a neighbour posted pictures of hers on Facebook.  If I’m honest I rolled my eyes and didn’t pay very much attention.  To me it looked like a normal breakfast but with presents and lots of disposable tableware – not for me.  I didn’t get it, and I certainly didn’t need to add yet another commitment to my ever growing list of ‘things I must do in order to be a good Mum’!

What exactly IS a North Pole breakfast?

*Scroll down for ideas*

We were early adopters of Elf on the Shelf though. Back in 2012, very few British people had even seen his creepy face, let alone knew what the Elf was all about.  My friends thought I was bonkers for buying him but we had loads of fun!  With Beth being a little older and no longer believing in you know who, having a cheeky Elf set up funny scenes and pranks created some fun and magic every day throughout December.  The more I warmed to the Elf, the more I looked forward to 1st December.

Then we had Dorothy and with a young child around again, it was like our family had been sprinkled with fairy dust!  Still despite the growing links between the arrival of ‘that Elf’ and North Pole breakfasts, I fought off the urge to create one!

I fought it off until Christmas 2020 that is.  2020 was sh*t wasn’t it.  I was prepared to do absolutely anything to lift our spirits and so, perhaps against my better judgement, I did it, I laid out a North Pole breakfast!

2020 was so sh*t that I was prepared to do absolutely anything to lift our spirits

And it was lovely.  That flippin’ elf arrived of course and left sparkly footprints everywhere.  He brought a movie and book advent calendar, decorated the table and prepared yummy, delicious food to eat.

The thing about starting something like that is you have to carry it on which means you have yo keep finding new ideas – year upon year.

I got the impression that rather a lot of you succumbed to NPBs in 2020 too!  So we’re in this together Mums and Dads and here are a few ideas, some healthier than others, for this year’s North Pole breakfast and at the end, some top tips.

Fairy Bread is a traditional Aussie party food.  You’ll get no points for healthy eating but at least the kids will have plenty of energy!!

This movie advent calender doesnt have to be costly – have a look at how I did it for free!

Snowman milk bottles are a really clever way to make the simplest of drinks feel festive and special.

These fruit kebabs look just like Father Christmas’ hat!  They’re a great way to get a little fruit into what is often a very sugary breakfast!

Christmas Tree Toast is a fun festive treat – it’s easy to make and packed full of vitamins too!

Chocolate fans will love having a Rudolph milkshake with breakfast

Staying with the healthy treats, these Christmas tree pancakes are made with superfood, wheatgrass!

If your little one likes ballet or if you’re embracing a pink Christmas then Sugar Plum Fairy milkshake might be just the drink for you

Arranging fruit into a candy cane shape is a quick, easy idea that anyone can try.

Aren’t these Rudolph Pancakes sweet!  And with the addition of a little fruiy, surely all that sweet syrup is cancelled out 🤣

This gingerbread porridge has quite a grown-up flavour so it’s perfect for teenagers or adults who want to get involved in the festivities.

How to host a North Pole breakfast

  • Lay a Christmassy table
  • Deliver Advent calendars
  • Play Christmas music
  • Serve festive food
  • Introduce the Elf 😳

So what do you think?  Will you be adopting this ‘new tradition’?

Love Rachel ❤

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