Conversation Starter Stones

How often do you and your significant other spend quality alone time together?  Some time ago, Phill and I committed to having a date night on the 6th Friday of every month.  Guess how often we manage to do that?

Yup, that’s right?

I was thinking the other day that of by some miracle we were actually able to spend an evening together, we would hardly know what to talk about.  I mean there’s the house, the children, the bills – we can talk about all that, but what else?  My worst nightmare would be staring at each other wondering what we used to talk about before life took over and stole our alone time.

I decided to make these little conversation starters for just that reason, but they’d also be a quirky way to get people talking at a wedding or dinner party.  And they’re so simple and quick to make that you still have time to throw some together before Valentine’s Day!

You will need

Clear glass pebbles

Pastel coloured paper

Glue stick

Black pen


  • It’s best to make the stones one at a time.  Draw around a stone and neatly write your conversation starter in the ‘circle’
  • Cut out and stick to the underside of the pebble
  • Allow to dry and trim any excess paper

You can write anything you want on your pebbles but here are a few suggestions.

Truth or dare?
Favourite song?
Top 5 movies?
Spirit animal?
Earliest memory?
Last meal?
Dream trip?
How do you like your eggs?
Any 5 dinner guests?
First let?
Elvis or Beetles?
Dad joke.
Favourite season
Best thing about you.
Best thing about me
Dream car
Dogs or cats?
Selfie time
Tell me a secret
Weird crush
Steak or cake?
Lottery win plans
Pull a funny face

Perhaps even….will you marry me!?
I can’t help it, I’m a hopeless romantic ?

Love Rachel ❤️

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