Five Fun Christmas Party Favour Ideas

I love nothing more than a craft that just needs to be ‘packaged’.  These kinds of treats make lovely party favours but they’re also lovely to give to class-mates or neighbours.

Here are five ideas for just that kind of craft.

As blog posts go, snowman poop is an oldie but a goodie – my take on after dinner mints I guess!

I love this idea.  Reindeer noses are a funny, delicious Christmas treat.

Once made up, these sweetie sleighs look so pretty that it’s quite hard to give them away!

Snowman bark is fun for little ones to make AND receive!

Making these Elf Donuts is such a fun activity and they make such a lovely gift too

Let me know if you decide to make any of these, I’d love to see some pictures.  If you’d like some more fun Christmas ideas, there are plenty here.

Love Rachel ❤

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