Mini Rag Wreath DIY

A couple of years ago, I bought a bag of scrap fabric from a charity shop.  Odds and end, some hand dyed lace, bits of vintage silk – all sorts.  I turned a lot of it into an Autumnal rag wreath.  It was pretty but didn’t have the wow factor that a large wreath needs – I think I’d used pieces that were just a little bit too small.

But small pieces aren’t an issue with this little project.  Indeed little is the operative word!  The little rag wreaths can be made in any colours you like and with whatever scraps you have to hand.  They look great hung from a Christmas tree, on the back of chairs, from door handles, picture hooks.  Or they can adorn the necks of chickens!


You will need

Pipe cleaners

Various scraps of fabric



Contrasting ribbon


  • Bend the pipe cleaner in to a circle to gauge the size of wreath you’d like.  But don’t attach the ends yet – leave the circle open
  • Cut thin strips of fabric.  Just snip the fabric and then rip
  • Cut the strips in to lengths of about 10cm (4″)
  • Cut a few 10cm (4″) lengths of ribbon and lace
  • Begin to tie the strips on to the pipe cleaner
  • Try to keep the pattern random if possible – it looks nicer that way
  • Once you have tied on enough rags to create the desired wreath size, twist together the ends of the pipe cleaner
  • Trim the pipe cleaner and squeeze the ends together to avoid sharp edges
  • Fluff and trim the rags a little bit at a time until you have your desired look
  • Cut a length of your contrast ribbon and tie on to the wreath where you’ve attached the ends of the pipe cleaner

What do you think?  Do you think you’ll make some?

Love Rachel ❤

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