How to Make Sweetie Sleighs

I’m sure you could work out how to make these yourself but having constructed them several times, a have a few top tips that I think are worth sharing.


1. Use recycled materials.  I save the tissue paper from gifts or shopping.  It’s easy to store and often comes in great colours and patterns.

2. Choose sweets in boxes or definite rectangular shapes.  Of course you can use chocolate bars and unusually shaped sweets, but box shapes are so much easier.

3. Choose a colour scheme.  I had a number of old Cath kidston gift bags and some old gold tissue paper.  Along with a job lot of red velvet ribbon, they make for a pleasing pallet.

4. Only use 3 different types of wrapping.  Any more and the finished look might be messy.

5. Try to have just one ‘messy side’. When wrapping, try to keep.all the tape on one side of the little present.

6.  Don’t be too precious.  Broken candy canes, duplicated candy.  Who cares?  Everyone likes sweets!

For each sleigh I used:

1 box of poppets.  Four finger Kit Kats work well too.

2 boxes of raisins.  You could use just dried fruit for a healthier sleigh.

1 packet of Maoam.

One individual Maoam.

2 candy canes.

3x wrapping/tissue paper.

10cm wreath trim.

20cm velvet ribbon.

Clear tape.


  • Neatly wrap all boxes in a variety of paper.

  • Stack into piles and tweak the arrangement until you’re happy.
  • Use double sided tape or simply fold clear tape back on itself to secure the piles of ‘gifts’, messy side down.
  • Carefully tie the gift piles with a length of ribbon.

  • Use tape to attach two candy canes to the bottom of each pile.
  • Twist some wreath trim into a circle and add to your sleigh.

I hope you’re enjoying the run up to Christmas ??

Love Rachel ❤️

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