Orange Chocolate Witches Hats

I made these a while ago with the intention of serving them with melted witch hot chocolate.

Phill poked fun at them in a very big way, but became quiet as soon as he was given one to eat.  One.  Remember that, the family were given one each- that’s important.

I put the rest in the fridge, while I tweaked and perfected my hot chocolate recipe.  Then when I’d got it just right, I went to the fridge and… they’d disappeared!  Of course as I’d told everyone they were only allowed to eat one, I can only assume that they disappeared by magic as I’m sure witches’ hats are prone to do!

You Will Need

Jaffa Cake type biscuits

Chocolate orange segments

Orange glace icing

Milk chocolate


  • Carefully melt a little milk chocolate either in a microwave or a bain-marie
  • Break up the chocolate orange into segments and stick them together in pairs.
  • Now cut off one end to create a flat bottom
  • Use a little more melted chocolate to stick the ‘point’ to the base.
  • Allow to set completely

  • Melt some more chocolate and drizzle over the top, smoothing with the back of a teaspoon.
  • Sprinkle with edible glitter or lustre powder.
  • Allow to set.
  • Pipe a thin band of orange icing around the base.

These would also make great Sorting Hats for a Harry Potter themed party.

Now do remember to keep a close eye on these hats.  They’re tricky little treats 🧙

Love Rachel ❤️


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