Planting my Favourite Bulbs

Audrey Hepburn said “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” and that’s never more true than when you plant bulbs.

Bulbs are not for the impatient.  The opposite of bedding plants that offer instant colour but die after one season – bulbs lie dormant for months after planting, but come back to delight, year after year.

Now is the perfect time to start planning your bulbs and this year I’m going to plant lots and lots and I thought you might like some suggestions for your own garden.

English Bluebells

Every single year I seek out proper English bluebell bulbs.  They cost a bit more but I think it’s important to try to support native plants.  Since Spanish bluebells were introduced by those pesky Victorians, they’ve been hybridising and steadily the English Bluebells are becoming endangered.


I can never decide which Daffodils I like best.  There are so many different varieties and all of them have their own unique charm.  But for me there’s something about the classic yellow daffys.  They remind me of the blankets of yellow that filled the parks when I was little.


When i was a child, I knew it was nearly my birthday when I saw the snowdrops popping up on my walk to school.  Earlier in year I mentioned this to Dorothy and she started looking for them everywhere we went.  So I’m going to plant a few more around the garden for her to find.


Phill was always a bigger fan of tulips than me but after a brief visit to an Amsterdam flower shop with friends, I think I fell a little bit in love.  Still we don’t have many tulips in the garden as I tend to plant them in pots.  Maybe this year we’ll pop some more in the ground.

Lily of the Valley

This teeny tiny plant smells ridiculously good.  It comes up quite early and is so small that you’re lucky if you spot it.  This year I’m going to plant some by the path in our front garden and hope yhat I have a little more success than in previous years!

Will you be planting any bulbs this Autumn?

Love Rachel ❤️


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