Vintage Yuletide Bells DIY

I bought these bells because of Dorothy.  She was so taken with them and jingled them all the way home 🤣 But once they got home, I wasn’t sure what to do with them.

We have a couple of different Christmas decor styles in our home.  Our living room is dark and 1930s inspired with real greenery, glass ornaments and candles.  In the dining room there’s a white tree, with 50s style deers, Father Christmases and bottle brush trees and our kitchen is a little bit farm-house.  Nowhere feels like home for these bells.  So I decided to tweak them and make them into something that better fits our style.

You will need

Plastic bell decoration

Dark brown acrylic paint

Gold paint

Tissue paper

Velvet ribbon

Velvet bow

Greenery and berries (real or pretend)


  • You can make the bow yourself out of whatever ribbon you like – I just happened to come across a pack of two of these for £1.50 and figured I couldn’t buy the ribbon for that price, so I saved myself a job
  • Spray the bells dark brown
  • Allow to dry
  • Using your fingers, gently smudge a little gold paint all over the bells
  • Rub off the paint with some tissue paper (not tissue)
  • Allow to dry
  • With a tiny bit of gold paint on your fingers, dab the bells round cretaceous slightly hammered look

  • String on to velvet ribbon
  • Add the foliage and berries and then the bow
  • Hang wherever you don’t mind hearing bells all the time!

Dorothy actually likes them even more now that they’ve been reworked, as apparently they look like Father Christmas’ sleigh bells!

Love Rachel ❤

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