Candy Cane Bath Salts

Most of the time when I make bath salts, I use Epsom salts as the base.  Epsom salts are brilliant for relieving aches and pains but recently my skin has been so dry that I decided to create a soothing bath product using dead sea salt instead.

I think these bath salts would look adorable as part of a pamper hamper, in a stocking or as teacher gifts.  But so far I’ve just used them all on myself!

You will need

Clip top jars

Dead Sea bath salts

Red liquid food colouring

Peppermint oil

Tags, mini candy canes and twine to decorate


  • Use your jar to measure out some dead sea salts into a bowl
  • Add some drops of peppermint oil to the salts until you’re happy with the smell
  • Split the salts into two bowls
  • Add a few drops of food colouring to one bowl and mix until the salt is red
  • Spread the red salt onto a plate and allow to dry for a few hours
  • Carefully layer the salts into your jar
  • Decorate

Don’t make the salts too far ahead as the colour does tend to bleed between the layers after a while and the white layers turn a little grey-blue.  If you need to store it for a while before use, make it with Epsom salts instead, as they seem to hold the colour better.

To use, tip the whole jar into a warm bath and relax.

Love Rachel ❤

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