Easy Love Heart Wands

The other day Dorothy and I popped in to HobbyCraft.  I love to visit just after New Year to pick up some bits and pieces for next Christmas.

Dorothy spotted these fabric love heart decorations first and straight away began to look through the basket picking out one of each colour.  She’s not daft.  At just £1 each they were quite cheap and perfect for a craft we’d been talking about – love heart wands for Valentine’s day.

I will post a DIY version but for now, I encourage you to go and check the Christmas sales and see if you can pick up some fabric heart shaped decorations.

You will need

Wooden dowel (6mm / 1/4inch)

Hot glue gun

Fabric love heart decorations

Ribbon and lace

Felt roses – instructions here

Brown paint or wax of your choice (optional)


  • Begin by painting or waxing the dowels.  I decided that a watered down dark brown paint would look best with the colours of our hearts.  You  an leave your dowel plain if you prefer
  • Allow to dry completely
  •  Remove the hangers from the top of the love hearts
  • Gently tease open the bottom of each heart
  • Push the dowel inside, twisting as you go
  • Fold up the points, add some glue and stick down to the dowel
  • Add a little more glue to the heart where you unpicked the stitches- just so that the heart doesn’t come apart
  • Glue on some felt flowers, buttons or any other embellishments
  • Tie on some lace or ribbon

I think these wands are really pretty and would make very sweet gifts. Dorothy wants to make enough to give out as favours at her birthday at the end of the month.  She also wants to invite 283628209 children.

Why not group place a selection of them in a vase and use as a Valentine’s decoration.  We decided to colour block these love heart wands but you can mix and match any colours you like.

Love Rachel ❤

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