Melting Marshmallow Snowmen

Do you want to eat a snowman?!

These snowmen are so cute that it almost seems mean to eat them.  But we’re going to do it anyway, melted into delicious hot chocolate.

You will need *for each snowman

2 white marshmallows

1 chocolate sticks (such as mikado)

Cocktail stick

Orange and brown edible pens

Black edible pen or black candy melts


  • Begin by creating the face.  Edible pens will work just fine for the eyes and mouth but I had some black candy melts to hand and I like how they made the features look 3D
  • Once you have eyes and a mouth, create a carrot nose and some little brown eye brows
  • Let the face dry and add two buttons (with edible pen or candy melts) to a second marshmallow
  • Attach the two marshmallows with a cocktail stick

  • Poke another cocktail stick through your snowman tummy from side to size – doesn’t that sound mean 😬
  • Remove the cocktail stick and push a chocolate stick through the hole created
  • Snap the end of the chocolate stick so that the arms are a good length

Wouldn’t these snowmen look great as part of a Christmas Eve box.  Or you could include them in a hot chocolate bar a Frozen themed buffet table, a Christmas charcuterie or a festive movie night.

Love Rachel ❤



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